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Christian, our resident Eagle Scout and Scottish Fiddler recently played the National Anthem for the Irvine City Council Meeting, July 12th.   Mayor Kang recalled the young TEC student who showed up for the Irvine Day in the Park with the Talent Education Center: Suzuki Violin students in his cowboy hat and duds several years ago when Christian was much shorter.   The mayor is always pleased to add one more community service pin to an Eagle Scout sash with merit bages on both sides of his uniform.

From the age of 6, Christian has been a student at TEC with Ms. Cynthia.   Our Scottish fiddler chose the music that he performed which included “The Star Spangled Banner” and Butterfly, a Scottish Fiddle Tune.   He has so many favorite fiddle tunes that it was not easy to choose just one for such a short presentation.   He helped to start the meeting with his own interpretation of the National Anthem played with out an accompaniment.

I would like to thank Mayor Kang and the City Council for inviting students like Christian to perform on their agendas.   It is always a wonderful experience for our young people. 

You can see it on ICTV  on the Musical Moment at 14:45.

You can also see it on TECstudio

Community Youth Orchestra, Oct. 30th on Friday at 7:00, in Irvine, Concert.  Admission is FREE. 

Please  Take advantage of this opportunity to inspire practicing at home.    It is a free concert so even if you bring a Twinkler to see only part of the concert you have not lost anything.   Both orchstral groups sound wonderful.   for details and Google map


 Rancho Senior Center
3 Ethel Coplen Way
Irvine, CA 92612

This orchestra is also coached by one of my Suzuki Collegues from the LA Metro Region.    Thank you to Maestro Wei for making this musical organization accessible to our students.

Thank you to everyone that helped out with the Irvine Global Village Festival Booth and Performance.   We had the best shade on the right side of the stage this year.  Every time we had a Twinkler come out and play at the booth during the day we had an appreciative audience full of preschoolers in front of us soaking up the music and the shade.  It was a fun place to practice.

Ms. Cynthia had plenty of cold water on hand under the table for performers.   We also found a fun way to do the Up like a rocket game with straws so the audience could participate.   I couldn’t keep up with the demand for gumi life savers on a straw.  (They also blow over real easy in the breeze) We should definitely get some Suzuki kids fiddling for next year.   Photo coming soon check the TEC Blog.

Ms Cynthia now has the photos and video from our Visit at the Irvine City Council Meeting with Mayor Kang. Give her a chance to catch her breath after this week end.   She is recovering from the Irvine Global Village Festival.

 TEC Suzuki students have been invited to play in the Irvine Global Village Festival at the Cultural Pavilion on Sat. OCT 3rd at 4:00pm.

Festival is held at Bill Barber Park on that Saturday from 10am - 6pm   TEC will also have a booth in the Kids Village.